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How do swaps work?

For the Girl Boss Planner Sale, we like to make it easy on the shops so we will organize your shop swaps for you! We use the quantity of swaps you told us you wanted to do and organize which shops will be sending how many samplers to who. 

When you send out your swaps simply let us know in the Shop Owners Only Facebook Group so we can mark off that your swaps have been mailed. 

We hope you agree this makes things easier for you as shop owners but let us know if you have any questions or concerns! 

I haven't received all of my swaps! What do i do?

If you are concerned that the sale date is approaching but you still haven't received your swaps, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Sometimes it might be that the post office is a little slow but if you let us know we can reach out to the shops for you to make sure they were sent! 

How do IG takeovers work?

The morning of your scheduled IG takeover, the password for the GBPS instagram account. (this will be changed daily to ensure security but please do not share this information with anyone!) 

You will then be able to post as many images, stories, IG TV videos, reels, whatever you want the rest of the day! 

How do the giveaways work?

In your reply to the welcome letter you will provide your giveaway prize amount and entry questions. We will use this information to post the facebook giveaway on your shop's scheduled date. 


The day before the sale the winners will be selected and announced. The winner of your shop's giveaway will reach out to you directly to receive their prize code. 

Note: the standard rules for the giveaways codes are that they should not be combined with any other sales or discounts and the winner will be expected to pay the shipping cost. 

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