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Congrats, ghoul boss! You're in!

First off thank you so much for applying for the first annual GHOUL boss planner sale! 

If you are receiving this email, congratulations! We would love to have you join us in the sale! Whether this is your first time or you are a repeat participant please know that we are super excited you are here!



Some changes to this round and moving forward...

We are now charging $10 per shop to be in the sale as was stated on the application. This is to help with the fees associated with domain hosting as well as advertising and email subscriber marketing. If at any time you feel this cost is unfair please let us know. Please venmo the $10 USD

Now on to the FUN STUFF!

The Ghoul Boss Planner Sale is intended to be entirely Halloween, spooky, witchy, themed. You can even extend that to be astrological and crystals/herbs and zodiac, but please work your new releases around this general mood. You can of course have your other items in the sale, but we are going to heavily advertise this round with the seasonal theme.

As usual we will provide you with a color palet on which to base your sale samplers and shop swaps on. When your customers get shop swap packs that all match it is so much fun. It is like a mini kit they can use that all coordinate! With that said lets chat openly about what your plans are for your samples. That way some have functionals, some are deco, maybe some headers or trackers... Just a nice variety!

We will have giveaways in the Facebook group as well as the IG Loop giveaway when we get closer to the sale date. You will be responsible for your tiered freebie graphic, (on the GBPS template) but the other graphics will be made available for you.

All updates and required information will be posted and requested in the shop only Facebook group. Please join HERE.

If you are not yet a member of the sale group on Facebook please join that group as well HERE.

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